Sensitive Paranormal Investigator

From a very young age spirits have shown themselves to me, guided me and talked to me. I've always been interested in life after death. My door keeper (Guardian Angel) is a lady called Mary Ashford who was murdered 1817 in Sutton Coldfield. Her ghost can been seen on Penns lane. I found out a few years ago that she is related to me on my father’s side and she helps me to bring spirits closer so we can communicate.

I've been to lots of mediums that have told me that I have the gift to communicate with sprit as in my past life I was a white Witch. This led me to have training to become a medium. I also had training to read tarot cards.

I started ghost hunting about five years ago with lots of other teams but Personal Paranormal were so welcoming, caring and so helpful with my journey to the spirit world and I am continually learning. I was overwhelmed when they asked me to join the team last year.

My favourite place is Drakelow Tunnels, there was an incident where the table turned with only three new guests fingers on the table. The guests were calling out to make the table spin the other way and to their amazement it did. I then asked the spirits to throw the table across the room and it went flying across the room. Only the guest’s fingers were on the table. They were all shocked!

It's so lovely when people are unsure at first and then they believe.