Paranormal Investigator

Since my wife has always been into the paranormal, I have found myself wanting to learn more about the spirit world. I went to my first ever ghost hunt with Personal Paranormal at the Manor House in Tamworth.

That night my brother who had passed over came through on the glass work answering questions that no one else would know the answer to. It made me want to do more and become a keen investigator. I have learnt a lot with Personal Paranormal and they are always happy to help. I was delighted to be asked to join the team and they have made me feel very welcome.

My favourite place was Craig Y Nos in Wales this is where I had lots of children came through wanting to talk to me and telling me about their past life on the sprit board. My second favourite is Hereford Town Hall where I was picked out from guests and put into the centre of the circle as the human pendulum. A sprit of lady was present swinging me back and forwards to answer yes and no. When that part was over I had a scratch on my right cheek and it was bleeding.

What an experience that was!