Guest Medium

I have been fascinated by the paranormal and all things psychic since I was a kid even though it scared me stupid at that time and I spent most nights sleeping with the light on with a bible under the bed :-)

Growing up in an old Victorian haunted house and reading every ghost book I could find didn't
help. My parents were convinced I had been here before plus I used to just "know stuff", about future events, when the phone was going to ring, who was calling, thinking of people then bumping into them, all that psychic stuff we all do from time to time.

I have been attending Spiritualist churches for about 20 years and have been in development as a medium for around 10 years. I have also attended courses at Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall in Essex. I have been working as a demonstrating medium at churches and venues throughout the midlands for about 5 years now and have been doing private readings for the same amount of time.

I love working for spirit and am grateful for every opportunity to both serve spirit and help people at the same time.
I don't believe that any religion has all the snswers and that includes Spiritualism but I find it to be all encompassing and welcomes people
whatever their faith or belief. I also feel that we are all on our own spiritual journey and we should build up our beliefs based on our own
experiences not doctrines handed down through the ages.

I have been fortunate to receive some truly amazing evidence of survival from some
excellent clairvoyants and mediums over the years but I also believe that no amount of anecdotal or second hand evidence, however good, is any substitute for experiencing survival evidence either directly yourself or through a good medium.